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One of the biggest attractions of Doña Urraca Inn is the privileged environment that surrounds it. Douro Arribes Nature Reserve, Fermoselle, the viewpoints from which you can have unparalleled views, waterfalls and various points of interest that you will find in the several kilometers that surround the Inn. A true luxury for nature lovers and those who wish to discover new places.

Douro Arribes Natural ParkDouro Arribes Natural Park
Douro Arribes Natural ParkProtected nature reserve
It includes part of the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca and borders Portugal. Unesco declared it Biosphere Reserve under the name of Iberian Plateau.
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Surroundings of FermoselleSurroundings of Fermoselle
Surroundings of FermoselleDouro´s Balcony
Called "the balcony of the Duero" for the incredible views it has from practically any point of the village, it was declared a historical-artistic site in 1974.
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Viewpoints and WaterfallsViewpoints and Waterfalls
Viewpoints and Waterfalls
Here you can know the most emblematic spots to have the best views of Douro Arribes.
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Other places of interestOther places of interest
Other places of interest
In addition to those mentioned, here you can find other places of interest in the area so you can enjoy your stay at Doña Urraca Inn.
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Hiking Routes in FermoselleHiking Routes in Fermoselle
Hiking Routes in Fermoselle
Departing from Fermoselle and touring both Douro Arribes and its surroundings, you will visit one of the most beautiful places in the Natural Park.
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