Hiking Routes in Fermoselle


Departing from Fermoselle and touring both Douro Arribes and its surroundings, you will visit one of the most beautiful places in the Natural Park.

Las Fuentes Path.

One hour trail on foot knowing the traditional fountains of the area. It departs from General Franco Avenue, through the gardens of the area, and it is visited the fountains of La Noria, Marías Abril, Valle de las Huertas and Palomar, living testimony of the customs of our ancestors.

Mills Route.

One-hour tour on foot that goes through the different mills, today already demolished.

It is a medium difficulty trail that departs from Tenerias Street and through a sinous path, goes across the paths almost lost by the abundant vegetation and accompanied, most of the time by the vision of the Douro.

Camino del Penao.

Variable trail in which we can see a general view of the village of Fermoselle, the typical vine and olive crops, the house of the Carabineros or the Hermitage of Santa Cruz.

From Portilla Street, entering the path of the stairs and towards the Douro Balcony.

Buraco del Diablo.

3-hours-trail on foot and with a high difficulty in several moments of the route.

Part of the C525 road towards Salamanca and we will go through stone shelters, crops, huts ... until we reach the cave and the waterfall known as the "Buraco del Diablo". Open cave of difficult access in the end of which the waterfall cascades down to the Douro.


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