Other places of interest


In addition to those mentioned, here you can find other places of interest in the area so you can enjoy your stay at Doña Urraca Inn.

Requejo Bridge.

Also popularly called "Puente Pino" because it is close to the villages of Pino del Oro and Villadepera, it is an engineering project of 1914 with 90 meters on the river, what in that time was a novelty.

At the time it meant the opening in the communication between Sayago and Aliste, previously practically incommunicado.


Belonging to the Sayago region, it is part of Douro Arribes Nature Reserve and is located near the village of Fermoselle.

In its area, prehistoric and Roman archaeological remains have been found, such as a stele attached to the church or the Grande bridge that crosses the river Pisón or the old fort of the Virgin of the Castle on which the hermitage of the same name was later built.

It is essential to know the different stone calvaries that exist in the area, the various bridges, fountains and mills, of great ethnographic interest, the hermitage of the Virgen del Castillo, located next to the deep bed of the Duero river and to contemplate the spectacular views from the inaccessible precipices on the Duero from the so-called "Mirador de Las Barrancas".

Bench el Hullón in Villadepera.

Through a 4-kilometer hiking trail or path, from Villadepera or from Moralina de Sayago, we come across the newly opened Hullón bench, built in wood from which to enjoy the beauty of the Arribes and the silence of the surroundings.

Almendra Dam.

Hydroelectric engineering work for River Tormes located near Cibanal. It is the largest and highest in Spain with a height of 202 square meters and a reservoir of 8650 hectares.

Miranda do Douro.

Portuguese city from which you can make the river cruise, visit its historic city center and its Ethnographic Museum. The views of the Douro Canyon are a must.

Fornillos de Fermoselle.

Small village near Femoselle in which to visit the Valduyán Cork oak grove, the Horns of Rita la Encina and the Potro de los Arados.

Portuguese village joined with Fermoselle through the Dam and offers incredible views of Douro Arribes.


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