Viewpoints and Waterfalls


Here you can know the most emblematic spots to have the best views of Douro Arribes.

La Faya Viewpont (Villarino de los Aires).

One of the oldest settlements characterized by its high location and its good visibility, which makes it one of the viewpoints with the best views of the Arribes.

Castle Viewpoint.

Located in Fermoselle, exactly in Doña Urraca’s Castle, it has beautiful views of the Douro Duero.

La Peña del Cura.

Very close to Fermoselle is this viewpoint not to be missed. You can see the cultivation terraces next to the precipice running through the Douro. Stunning views at dusk.

Pozo de los Humos (Pereña de la Ribera).

Located in Pereña de la Ribera, Pozo de los Humos is an incredible natural waterfall with a height of more than 50 meters down the Uces, Douro’s tributary.

El Torojón or Los Barrancos Viewpoint. 

Just at the end of El Guapo Street or Cuesta del Seco, we find, after climbing a lot of steep stairs, with this unique viewpoint where you can rest on a stone bench fitted for it. You can see the village under your feet and a spectacular view of the Arribes and Portugal.

Terraplen Viewpoint.

Located in Terraplen Street, next to the the Main Square. After climbing some stairs you can see the fields in the form of terraces, the river and part of the town.

Las Peñas Viewpoint.

It has its access through Corral Concejo Street, in the historic city center and here you can enjoy panoramic views of the houses, the stepped terraces and the Arribes.

Las Escaleras Viewpoint.

Next to Fermoselle for the so called road of the carabineros or of the Stairs. A route that is worth it for its gardens and spectacular views of both the village of Fermoselle and The Arribes.

Picón de Felipe (Aldeadávila).

Located in Aldeadávila de la Ribera, province of Salamanca, it is a viewpoint that goes into the waters of the dam and you reach it after a kilometer and a half walk.

El Fraile Viewpoint (Aldeadávila).

Stuning viewpoint located in the area of the dam of Aldeadávila de la Ribera that has a rock secured with rails, ramp and steps that can be reached with the car.


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