"Unique Moments"

Guided tours of the underground heritage

"Unique Moments" consists of an enotourism project of guided tours through the underground heritage of Fermoselle, which aims to turn the town into a driving force for the development of the territory.

The initiative of the Duero-Douro EGTC, belongs to the Tourist Projects "International Wine Route VinDuero" and TerraDuero: Tourism & Heritage", which aim to position the Spanish-Portuguese border as a quality tourist destination at international level. The Duero-Douro EGTC has joined forces with the City Council of Fermoselle, winemakers and entrepreneurs to raise awareness of the hidden heritage values that the municipality treasures.

The visits, which reveal the history, culture, gastronomy, popular ancestral architecture and the most mysterious enotourism of the town, are guided in Spanish by Adrián Pérez, Manager of Architectural Heritage, Museums and Art Market, and in Portuguese by Filipa Melo, Master in Tourism Management and Planning.

Fermoselle is a village in Zamora, built on a stone massif whose interior hides an ancestral popular architecture of enormous value. Several kilometres of galleries and passages run through the depths of the village, where the cellars are intertwined to create an extensive underground network of great heritage wealth. The opening to tourism of this hidden world of underground cellars is one of the long-dreamed aspirations that Fermoselle has managed to fulfil thanks to the initiative of the EGTC Duero-Douro: TerraDuero is the tourist brand of the border, what we do is to multiply the activities, culture and traditions of both sides of La Raya. Thus, any tourist can enjoy Fermoselle and be on the other side of the border in half an hour. The border, today symbolic, has been and will always be an attraction, an incentive for the progress of the territory.

This first phase of the project includes a dozen wineries which, in the near future, will be expanded and complemented with other wine tourism activities such as personalised wine tastings, in which endogenous products can be tasted as an added value, and themed visits, such as the already prepared themed route through the wineries with Jewish vestiges, called "The 7 steps of wine". These activities are conceived as a new tourist attraction and a driving force for development. Fermoselle has a cultural heritage formed by a network of labyrinthine streets that was one of the last Jewish strongholds in the Spain of the Reconquest, with numerous hidden vestiges of the period that can be discovered by all those interested thanks to the Tourist Destination Brand TerraDuero and the International Wine Route VinDuero.

"Unique Moments" offers the views during all weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) in the mornings and afternoons, to show the extraordinary underground heritage of Fermoselle. The main objective of these activities is rural development and the enhancement of the tourist potential of the territory. In this sense, Fermoselle is a key element in the network of attractive municipalities for tourists, not only because of its border with Portugal, but also as a natural balcony from which to look out over the Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

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La Posada Doña Urraca, C/ Requejo, 272. Arribes del Duero, Fermoselle (Zamora)


Adrián Pérez Valera:
923 14 15 04

Filipa Melo:
+ 351 279 094 217


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