The waterfall route

Enjoy the Arribes del Duero

The best plan to enjoy a unique day is to take a backpack with water and a sandwich, put on your hiking boots and let yourself be surprised by what nature has to offer.

A few days ago, some of the guests staying at Posada Doña Urraca asked us what they could do at the weekend to connect with nature and the Arribes environment.

Everyone knows that the Arribes del Duero Natural Park allows you to go hiking, visit the viewpoints over the Duero to contemplate the river in all its splendour, visit the dams that run through it and discover the variety of villages that hide small treasures of the culture and history of the place.

But that day, without hesitation, our answer was that they had to do the Waterfalls Route.

We knew that the last rains that had fallen in the area had turned them into real natural images that could not leave anyone indifferent. And that the best plan to enjoy a unique day was to take a backpack with water and a sandwich, put on your hiking boots and let yourself be surprised by what nature can give us.

So we prepared a snack for them, and we offered them this guide with the route of the waterfalls that would allow them, without going too far from the Posada, to spend an incredible day.

The experience was so enriching and surprising that the next day they repeated and told us that they were eager to return to see more of the area's gems.

As the recommendations we made seem to have had the desired result and as we would like everyone to be able to enjoy them, we decided to leave you the guide we gave them and we hope it can be useful for you to get to know something different and unique.

All the routes leave from the same Posada in Fermosell (Zamora), so you can move without problems in the same day.

So here it goes.

The Waterfalls Route.
Among all the waterfalls that surround the Arribes del Duero, we chose the ones that were closest and not too difficult, so that everyone can get to know them.

The best time of the year is at the end of January and beginning of February, the rainy and thawing season. Perfect for enjoying the nature, flora and fauna of the area without altering the ecosystem and always respecting the indications and advice of the local people.

First Route. The Faya del Agua Alta waterfall.


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The first route we recommend you to visit is the Faya del Agua Alta waterfall.

A very simple route that can be done with children and that will allow us to know one of the highest waterfalls in our neighbouring Portugal.

It is only 28 minutes by car from the Pousada. Specifically in the Natural Park of Duero Internacional in Bemposta, in the council of Mogadouro.

To get there we have to take the CL-527 and go towards Bemposta, passing the Portuguese border. However, bear in mind that it is an hour earlier and that the sun sets earlier, so it is advisable to get up early to make the most of the day.

Once we get to Bemposta, we leave the car on the outskirts of Lamoso and we see a sign with information about the route and the steps to follow.

It's time to take the backpack and start walking along a forest track for about 1.5 km, until we reach a wooden shelter.

Taking care not to get confused, we take the path to the left, demarcated by handrails and ropes due to the steep slope, and cross a wooden bridge that will take us down to the Bemposta valley.

Once we have finished descending, a long bridge will appear before us from which we can take our first look at the Cascada de la Falla de Agua Alta waterfall, which will leave us impressed by its approximately 60-metre drop.

For a closer look, there is a well-signposted path that will take you to the viewpoint and allow you to see it in all its splendour.

After a short rest, the only thing left to do is to climb back up to the wooden refuge and start the return journey back to the starting point surrounded by holm oaks, bushes and olive trees.

Second Route. La Escalá waterfall.


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La Escalá waterfall is very close to the Posada Doña Urraca as it is only about 3.5 km from Fermoselle itself.

The best of all is that you can leave your car in our car park and walk along the Camino de la Carrera Olivos.

It is an easily accessible place that everyone can do and that will not leave you indifferent. Along the way you will be able to enjoy the arribeña fauna and numerous traditional stone buildings.

To get there, you only have to ask for directions at the reception of the Posada. We will make you a sketch so you don't get lost.

Third Route. The Desgalgadero Waterfall.


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Another of our suggestions was the Desgalgadero Waterfall.

It is located in the town of V


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