Hiking Trails

A trail for every spot

Douro Arribes for hikers

Unique landscapes, where you can get to know the magnificent ecosystem of birds, mammals, fish and amphibians that live in full harmony and under the protection of the Reserve. And where you can find viewpoints from which you can gaze at the Arribes from a privileged position, explore the archaeological settlements of antique inhabitants or cool down a bit in the waterfalls hidden among the rocks.

Art, culture, history, nature, biodiversity, unique landscapes, tourism ... all this and much more in your tours through Douro Arribes.

So, if you want to know the Dour Arribes through its hiking trails, find out all information at Doña Urraca Inn. You can explore the trail of “Mirador de las Escaleras”,”Sendero de las Merchanas”, “Mirador de las Barrancas” in Fariza, “La Fregeneda” and many more. The only thing you need is the desire to get surprised at every step.


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