Visiting the “Casa del Parque”

Secrets of Douro Arribes

A must-see to know Douro Arribes

You cannot go to Douro Arribes without visiting the “Casa del Parque”, former convent of San Francisco in Fermoselle.

Much more than a museum, we will know about the history, geology and habitats of the nature reserve explained by personnel with a broad experience. For this, there is an audiovisual area where a 15-minute video about the nature and life in the Arribes is projected, an 18th-century cloister to take a break, a spot where we can meet the customs and traditions of the area and itinerant exhibitions of the Network of Natural Reserves of Castille and Leon.

It can be visited individually or in groups from 15 to 20 people with monitors or guides during a tour of approximately 1 hour. Guided tours by appointment only.


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