The oil producer Douroliva, awarded for recovering the olive trees of Fermoselle

18 April 2018

The Sayago company gets an honorable mention of "Inspirational Stories by Duero Douro", sponsored by EspañaDuero.

The General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Castilla y León, Enrique Saiz Martín, today presented the awards of the Prize "Inspirational Stories by Duero Douro". This contest seeks to recognize ongoing business initiatives in the Douro territory, which stand out as benchmarks of innovation, quality, sustainability and social economy. The first prize went to the Camp Rock camp, located in Sotolengo (Soria). The second prize has recognized the Douroliva project, from Fermoselle (Zamora). The awards have been promoted by the Innovative Business Association for Efficient Construction (AEICE) within the framework of its Duero Douro initiative, and are sponsored by EspañaDuero.

The winners of the first prize started their rock camps in 2009, creating a new concept in the world of music and free time. The spot chosen for its location was the north of the province of Soria, an area bathed by the river Douro and next to the reservoir of La Cuerda del Pozo, at the foot of Picos de Urbión. Located in the heart of the pine wood Pinar Grande, a place that has been recovered, it is one of the most extensive forests in Europe, an ideal place to carry out this activity.

Fermoselle initiative

For its part, the second prize went to the Douroliva initiative, located in Fermoselle (Zamora). In this spot of Douro Arribes a family has launched a traditional activity, with a value enhancement strategy of the territory's own resources, in this case recovering part of the olive groves that had traditionally been exploited thanks to the special conditions of the orography and the climate of this area, being the production of oil of great importance for the economy of the area. The jury has valued in this case its decided commitment to the recovery of the flavor of the area, its roots, by investing in an activity that establishes population in a depopulated and aging territory. They also highlight the courage and challenge of undertaking in the rural area and in a complex area. They also want to recognize the ability to innovate, because from a primary product they have perfectly known how to turn it into products with high added value in a gourmet market segment.

The jury was composed by Ángel del Pozo, responsible for Retail Banking of EspañaDuero; Jesús Jiménez, territorial director of the Institute for Business Competitiveness; Lucía Garrote, director of the magazine "Patrimonio", of the Santa María la Real Foundation of Historical Heritage; Alejandro Miranda, managing director of the Company Patrimonio Inteligente from Castille and Leon, both promoters of the Duero Douro initiative; Jesús Rivas, manager of the Iberian Association of Douro Riverside Municipalities; José María Cillero, Head of Culture and Opinion of "El Norte de Castilla", and Beatriz Alonso, manager of the Duero Douro initiative, of AEICE.

During the last years the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has promoted different initiatives with the aim of enhancing the role that the cultural assets, and especially the cultural heritage, have on the economic and social development of cities and territories. In this sense, it supports, since its foundation, the Duero Douro initiative of the AEICE Cluster, which pursues socio-economic development around the Duero from endogenous resources linked to the cultural and natural heritage of this area. It is within the framework of this initiative that the first edition of the Inspirational Stories Prize by Duero Douro takes place.


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