Curiosities of the Arribes del Duero


The Arribes del Duero is an impressive and unique region that encompasses the canyon of the Duero River and its tributaries on the border between Spain and Portugal.

The Arribes del Duero is a stunning and unique region that encompasses the canyon of the Duero River and its tributaries on the border between Spain and Portugal. This area, known as the Arribes del Duero, offers a series of curiosities and interesting aspects that make it even more fascinating.

Here are some of the most remarkable curiosities:

Dramatic Landscape

The Arribes del Duero have one of the most dramatic and spectacular landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula. The steep rocky walls of the canyon reach impressive heights, creating a stunning and wild natural environment.

Griffon Vultures

The region is famous for hosting one of the largest populations of Griffon Vultures in Europe. These majestic birds of prey are an integral part of the ecosystem of the Arribes del Duero and can be spotted in large groups soaring through the skies.

Terraced Vineyards

Throughout the canyon, on steep slopes, vineyards can be found planted in terraces. Local farmers have built these terraces over the centuries to take advantage of the terrain and produce high-quality wines in this challenging topography.

Arribes Designation of Origin

The region boasts the Arribes Designation of Origin, a distinction that recognizes the quality and authenticity of wines produced in this environment. This designation reflects the rich winemaking tradition of the area, supported by the skill of viticulturists in cultivating grapes on terraces and creating exceptional wines in challenging conditions.

The region has its own Denomination of Origin (DO) for its wines, the Arribes Denomination of Origin. The wines of this area are the result of the effort and dedication of the local winegrowers, and offer unique and distinctive flavours.

International Tourist Train

The "Tren Internacional del Duero" is a unique experience that allows visitors to tour the Arribes del Duero through a panoramic train journey. The train passes through some of the most impressive landscapes of the region, offering unforgettable views of the canyon and its surroundings.

Wildlife and Flora

The Arribes del Duero is home to a great diversity of wildlife species. In addition to griffon vultures, it is possible to spot golden eagles, black storks, roe deer, wild boar and other animals in their natural habitat.

Cross-border culture

For centuries, the Arribes del Duero has been a region of contact and coexistence between Spain and Portugal. This proximity has influenced the culture and gastronomy of the area, creating an interesting mix of traditions from both countries.

Active Tourism Activities

The region offers a wide range of active tourism activities, such as hiking, cycling, canoeing and boat trips on the Douro River. These activities allow visitors to explore and fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Arribes del Duero.

Architectural Heritage

In addition to its stunning natural landscape, the Arribes del Duero boasts an interesting architectural heritage, including historic bridges, water mills, medieval churches and picturesque stone villages.

Nature Reserves

Part of the Arribes del Duero is protected in natural areas, such as the Arribes del Duero Natural Park and the International Natural Park of the Duero. These protected areas help to preserve the rich biodiversity of the region.

The Arribes del Duero is a fascinating destination that combines breathtaking landscapes, cross-border culture, rich biodiversity and a unique wine tradition. If you have the opportunity to visit this region, you will find a truly special place full of surprises.

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